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I am a Palestinian Artist who was born under occupation in Jerusalem, my life encouraged me to make art that represent what an Arab  Muslim woman face in this world. For me, art is an act of resistant and a tool to survive.  My main focus is empowering women through Art, As the first artist in my community, I initiated children and youth platforms to challenge the way people think about art. I am is a creative director, art producer, and installation artist that shares my life experience in leadership and community development. I create an interactive experience which invites the audience to participate by the way I design my space, body and vocal presence.  


They say:

Aseel began to sing and our audience held their breath; it was such a resonant and moving song.   She is a vital and passionate artist whose approach to her art, with its message of building bridges between new and established communities, is inspiring and never more important than in Australia today.

—  Ruth Oakley,
 Monash Academy of Performing Arts


Contact Me

Melbourne,Vic, Australia.
aseel.tayah@gmail.com  |  Tel: 0439220996

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