Bukjeh of Joy 


 1,500 bags with traditional Middle Eastern sweets, arts, crafts, and toys and delivered them on Friday to all nine towers, including to the non-Muslim residents.

For three weeks, my house has received tens of boxes and huge donations to make this possible, one call for support was answered with so much love and help to make it happen. 

We could not do it without all the amazing support of more than 55 donors, Islamic council of Victoria for donating the sweets, IBC and Flying Carpet for a huge discount to allow us to make the best outcome of the money donated,  Bunnings and Polyglot theatre for the art materials donations and finally huge thanks Multiculture art Vic, showcase victoria and all the generous artist for sharing it widely with their network to encourage donations.

Special thanks for Maria Dimopoulos, Georgie Prattis from Myriad international, and  Anne Dunn from Every voice. 

SBS News shared:

Victorian Muslims have been creative this weekend as they celebrate the festival of Eid al-Adha.

Typically marked with mosque visits and family get-togethers, the annual 'Festival of Sacrifice' is the last of two annual holidays celebrated by Muslims everywhere.

Melbourne residents in the nine towers subject to strict lockdown orders in early July house many members of the Islamic faith.

The Australian Muslim Social Services Agency, which has been tirelessly providing for residents since strict lockdowns were enforced, decided at the last minute to bring Eid gifts to every household.

AMSSA Youth Connect project manager Abdiqafar Ururshe said it was special to see the excitement on faces of the children.

"Their parents were just saying 'thank you so much for bringing Eid to our homes'," he told AAP.

What do we want to do?


Eid ul Adha is 10 days away! This year, more than ever, we want to welcome it with a full heart and spirit, despite the circumstances amid a global pandemic. we decided to bring Eid to children's door,  to give them a surprise bag full of art materials and craft activities to enjoy during the lockdown.


We plan to reach mothers and children, Muslims and non-Muslims who are asylum seekers or from a refugee background who are facing hard lockdowns, with 1000 art kits. The kits will include materials that mothers and children can enjoy art activities.


Later Bukjeh artists will run free online workshops and storytelling sessions to facilitate the art activities related to the materials collected. Please follow our Bukjeh social media to hear and see what magic children made using these materials.

So.. How you can help?

If you are a business and would like to provide craft supplies, please contact Aseel.tayah@gmail.comwe will reply with a beautiful card and photos to thank you,  as an appreciation for your generous donation. and will share that on our social media and website.

We are especially looking for gifts of toys, books or colored paint samples, small or big samples of paint, brushes, glue, and scissors, unused wooden pieces that are safe to paint (various sizes are okay), clay or ant plaster bags that we can divide, any toys or dolls,  coloring pages, any bags of craft kits that we can sort into the kits (it can be a mosaic kit or anything ), any extra paper, clay, glitter, and packaging of any sort will be helpful too ..

The campaign will end on the 5th of Aug 2020.

What else can you do? Send a card :)

Make a beautiful card for a child, to share your love, you can do it for free here  and send it to us on here  

we will print it and add it with something sweet to the kit. 


What has been done?

In the last few days, beautiful members of the community have sent us art materials and local businesses like Bunnings have donated generously some art materials to help to make the kits.. we have created around 80 kits similar to the ones below, and will be making more, we need this funding to get more packaging, more craft, and sweets, each $25 can get a beautiful gift-ready :)

In collaboration with Amssa youth connect, Multicultural art Vic, Islamic council of Vic,