We Too Want to Play

Thank you for considering to help my dream come true, with people like you around the world, we make it a more beautiful place.


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More than 12 years of ongoing land, air, and sea blockade.

57,694 Newborn a year

2,000,000 People 

More than 71% under 30

49% Unemployment rate
65% unemployment rate for young people

4 Hours of electricity per day

70% of people receiving humanitarian aid 

What have we done already & What would the money cover? 

To make sure that all the used toys collected locally will have a home, we need to prepare the rooms to fit and be ready for the young ones use and their families. these rooms below are the first libraries to get ready and it is part of Gaza library system.

But we need financial support to support equipment, paint, floor cover, cupboards, local artist fees so on.

Also, to keep the place running for more than just the library, you will support university students in need to run activities and workshops for the attendee.

I am inviting you to be part of the team and take part in any way you can, by sharing, organising, you can also come and become part of the team, help us sort and organise things, and be part of the first toy library in occupied Palestine in September to October 2019.

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