We Too..Want To Play

Call for Change

The Toy Library is a place for mothers and their children to find a space and opportunity to play, read, sing and develop, a relaxing room to be able to learn and benefit from the community of wonderful humans that survive all the hardship in the world.

This is a call for students and artists to be part of the Toy Library program, to volunteer for small scholarships in return. 

If you are passionate about what you do, have an idea that is based on a need you want to help change in your community, if you care about mothers and/or children and want to help them.

We need you!


If you know how to address these needs and help your people, please send us a short application, max of two pages, with your Bio and ideas of workshops or programs to  Aseel.tayah@gmail.com and we will contact you soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Want to know more how you can help?
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