Our Beautiful Maria
Birthday's Surprise

Wonderful People, I am sure you are Because I know how highly Maria speaks of YOU! 


We are working on an amazing book to bring your words into life, so if you have not yet, please send me your photo with her, or just yours with the family, three words to describe her and what does she means to you!


My email is : Aseel.Tayah@gmail.com

What else we are doing? 

commissioning a first nation artist to create beautiful work for her, some amazing swiss chocolate in its way, and some gift vouchers to force her to do something for herself!

Please keep it a surprise..


I know you asked me how to contribute to her birthday gift so that is one way, or if you transfer money to my account under #Maria's:


Aseel Tayah

Account Number: 10798875 

No specific amount is needed, just what you feel like,


It is a private link and only you have access to this page, it was just an easy way to put it all together.

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