• Aseel Tayah

My Own Journey

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Coming to Australia made me feel I can be part of the story I have always heard about, those people I draw, those I have always read their history are surrounding me so far from our homeland, I did not only hear their stories in real, I then was faced with some similar realities but different reasons for displacement, some of I never heard of, I learnt about it in history classes but never got the chance to meet the people who are the history is written about in real life, what a journey all these people have made, how unique each one of them can be, how different and similar their stories, belonging, journey could be, I got really curious to know, what they have actually brought with them but also what would people that have never been into war situation might think to take with them if they have to go.

As part of the emerging culture leader that Footscray community art centre has been running for years,  I was required to develop a project and deliver it as an outcome of  long amazing program, and being so engaged and still thinking about all I have mentioned I have decided to go out and ask people about it, what is it that you will take with you if you have to leave.

it happens to be the activist art festival just before the showcase time so together with my artwork "Watan "  who you can see some part of below I have asked people attending the festival, "what would you take with you if you have to leave?" 

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