The Bukjeh Project
"Amal's Journey" 

Each year around the world thousands of parents migrate in the hope of securing a better future for their children. Many families do not have a choice and many leave behind a treasured way of life and generations of tradition.  On arrival, faced with the enormous task of adapting into a new community, memories can fade and customs can be forgotten…

If you are anything like me, then deep inside you have so many things to tell your children. You wish that they understood a little bit more about your culture and who they really are. When they say “but Mum, this is my home,” you are bursting to tell them everything and share all the feelings in your heart. But there are no words to explain!

This is why I have decided to write a series of books about a brave and curious girl called Amal, which in Arabic means hope, who embarks on a journey to understand where people come from, and to discover the mysterious “other home” that she hears her family talk about so often.

Along the way, Amal explores different cultures and her exciting adventures include making friends in refugee camps, dancing with newly-arrived neighbours, singing new songs she learns and cooking with grand-parents who long ago left their homes. She walks on their journeys, collecting their memories in her heart and asking questions to help children better understand how they can find their place in the world and to encourage migrant parents to talk about their own experiences.  

Bukjeh’s Stories from Home has led me to collaborate with the exceptionally talented illustrator Kamil Adil and Children Education specialist Alaa Taieh to create the very first book in the “Amal’ Journey ” series but first, we need your support!

Please support us if this is a story you would be happy to buy for your own family, or a friend, or you would love to see in your child’s school library. 

This is our first stage of research, deep in people's journeys and experiences of leaving home, so we keep true to tell the stories with its owner's permission and get the best outcome that will make us all proud.


The fundraising will end on my 33rd Birthday, Would love your support to make it happen and support us keep going :) 

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