The Singing Feast


The Welcome Dinner project, Photo: The Project 

It is easy to love Middle Eastern Food. Creamy humus, tasty falafel and smoky baba ganosh – the flavours can teach you the hidden gems of cooking in the Middle East. Many restaurants offer delicious Middle Eastern food, but have you ever wondered what secrets are woven into the dishes made with our beloved Tetta’s (Grandmother’s) delicate recipes?

Discover what is hidden in our magnificent pantry through Aseel’s cooking classes. 

When chef, singer and storyteller, Aseel, moved to Melbourne seven years ago she brought with her a passion for the art of sharing Palestinian food and entwining stories and songs into her sumptuous cooking classes. Her classes are now available online and are too good to miss. Aseel teaches of the roots of Palestinian cuisine and shows you how to cook it while sharing the beauty of her culture through music and storytelling.


You will create delicious food and learn to combine healthy ingredients into dishes you will remember, and revisit, for a lifetime. 


Many Middle Eastern dishes are vegan and suitable for people who have gluten and/or dairy-free diets. Most dietary requirements can be catered for when discussed with Aseel in advance. Aseel’s classes are suitable for settings of up to 25 people and are a beautiful special-occasion gift for any person, group, couple, or family who wants to learn more about Middle Eastern flavours and cooking techniques.


Aseel’s classes are also an ideal experience for organisations looking to bring team members together in an inclusive and relaxing online learning environment. Participants are given the ingredients list and some notes for preparation in advance of the class. And an option for ingredients package is available with additional cost


Aseel’s cooking classes give to participants the gift of connection to the Middle East through food and song in a truly unique experience that will fill your kitchen with love and recipes that will be cherished for years to come. 


"Aseel catered a special dinner party at our house, for a group of interstate and international guests. The food was varied and excellent. More than that, the food created an atmosphere of warmth and belonging that we and our guests still remember, years later."

David Week- Melbourne School Of Design
Consultant at The World Bank

"On Sunday Aseel filled our kitchens with love and singing as sweet as the pomegranate sauce she taught us to add to our dishes. I have just moved into a new apartment and her ingredients became the first meal in my new home. Aseel's class was a pure blessing! I will keep her recipes in my heart for many years to come". 

Jude Kohn
Artist and Musician

"I haven’t ever done a cooking class before (well not since high school) and so this has been a new adventure for me. Every week with Aseel I have learnt so many new dishes. It’s been wonderful to do this during lockdown but something that should continue long after. The food is not only delicious but it is relatively simple to make and also to remember how to make. I’ll never buy humus from the shops again! I’ve been enjoying looking for the new ingredients every Saturday, ready for Sunday, then waking up to prepare to cook. Aseel has been very patient with me through the process. I would highly recommend this generous act of connection and sharing.

Daniel Clark 
Arts Centre Melbourne 

Aseel's cooking classes are SO, SO great. Informal, super fun, good for the beginner, but Aseel tailors for the more experienced cook with personalised instructions and additions. And, best of all, at the end we had the most delicious feast of Falafel, homous and foul that we ever did have! Seriously good. I can't recommend these sessions highly enough.

Ian Pid
Artist & Producer

I loved learning to cook these delicious Palestinian dishes from Aseel. I now understand how to use these ingredients to make my own falafel, hummus, and delicious and soups and salads at home. Thanks Aseel - I can't wait for the next class!


Julie Wright 
Art Producer

Aseel was warm and fun to work with. She explained about the food with stories and made sure our cooking was just right. I found the experience an opportunity to bond with my mum and learn about another culture. The food we made was simple and delicious. I loved it.


10 years old

Aseel welcomes you into her kitchen with a spirit of generosity and a passion for cooking that immediately makes you feel you are in for a special experience. 

We were a part of her family while we were there, enveloped in delicious aromas and wonderful stories of how her cooking evolved. Aseel shared with us the ingredients she always uses, her favorite dishes, and also touched on medicinal foods. The whole experience was like watching an art performance unfold, but a very tactile, sensory performance that you get to be fully immersed in until the food takes centre stage and you get to enjoy the feast.


What I loved is that each dish looks simple, often with a single ingredient like green beans on show, but it is so full of hearty flavour it sings. Aseel has a wonderful way of cooking a selection of dishes that harmonise perfectly. You must feast with her, it is indeed a special experience!

Nikki Blanch
Stories Without Borders

Cooking with Aseel Tayah was absolutely the highlight of my week! If you know Aseel, you know her passion: for community, food, stories and music... and all of these elements are beautifully combined into an action-packed zoom cooking class. I couldn't believe how much cooking we got done, and it was lovely to see everyone's smiling faces.  

Morgan Jane Brady