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اهلي وأصدقائي بفلسطين

بالتعاون مع فريق الوان بغزة رح نزور هاد العيد 4 حارات بالمخيمات  كل يوم بغزة يعني المجمل 12 حارة مع اكتر من 80 طفل لكل حارة, المبلغ ماله كتير كبير بس الفرحة رح تكون روعة وممكن تشوفوها بشكل مباشر لو حابين.. ولحتى الأجر يتوزع علينا كلنا حبيت اشارككم المهمة, كل دولار على دولار بيجمع وبنقدر نوصل   المبلغ قبل العيد... :) يا رب, ضلو متابعين شو رح نشارك بشكل مباشر خلال العيد

 الفرحة الي رح تشوفوها على وجه الاطفال اكبر واروع من انه تنوصف, وربي يجعله بميزان حسناتكم

 الي بيحب يتبرع غير بي بال, مرفق لينك اضافي, وللي بيحب يتبرع نقدي , او يحول على حساب بنك ممكن بتواصل معي على 


Previous Projects

On Saturday, April 4th, 2015, Alrowwad celebrated the Palestinian Child Day organizing the biggest day-long festival (“We deserve to live”) for the orphans and the camp children in the UNRWA basic school of boys in Aida refugee camp where 150 volunteers from Palestinians Diaspora, 84 Palestinians and Palestinians in the west bank joined it.

The idea of the festival initiated by the Palestinian Australian activist and artist Aseel Tayah, promoting for it on Facebook to get the largest possible number of donations varied from clothes and toys for orphans and different abilities children in different institutions.

More than 500 children from the camps of Bethlehem and the schools of Alshoruq, Alalaiah, Jeel Alamal, Zuhur Alamal, and SOS Children’s village, as well as the institutions of Laylac and Annwras, enjoyed the activities of storytelling, telematics games, sports, wall murals painting, and clowns.



Aseel Tayah was grateful for all the volunteers participated in the fun day to serve the children, especially orphans and different abilities, and proclaim that she was proud of being able to achieve a part of the wishes of those children willing to do all her best to continue achieving them.

Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour, the Founder and General Director of Alrowwad expressed his gratitude to Aseel Tayah for the efforts she did in (We deserve to live) to draw the smile on the faces of children clarifying the interrelationship between Palestinians Diaspora, 1948 Palestinians and refugees in the camps. He also emphasized the efforts made by Alrowwad to encourage creativity in our children, promote life and inspire hope in such times of despair and death, hoping that the festival would create a spirit of volunteerism and reinforce it among the youth and children.

Salahuddin Habayeb one of the students that joined the festival from the secondary school of Ar’ara who raised the donations expressed his happiness about being he and his colleagues among children of Aida refugee camp. Rania Kamal, a volunteer from Almuthallath village in the occupied Palestinian territories said that she and her friends came to participate in the festival to share orphans the joy and compensate them a little through the activities aiming to make them happy and offer them all what they need.

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