You Are Not A Boy

This sensory installation and perofrmance aims to oppose unjust cultural norms and take up resistance in a bid to make a change! Inspired by a documentary  which depicted a mother re-enacting  a cultural custom of inhibiting the sexual pleasures of women, onto her daughter at the age of puberty. Confined in a small room, the daughter was held down by an older sister while the mother applied hot red chilli powder to the sexual organs of her daughter. Her screams are still a vivid memory. Her face contorted in pain, her body quivering for a week, until she died.  Through this work, performer and artist Aseel Tayah  seeks to explore questions raised: why would a mother would do that? Why is it that women are seen to be the cause of so much pain and oppression? Why do women get judged for their actions, “when will you stop this?  YOU ARE NOT A BOY”

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